Our experience in the property management field has allowed us to tailor our services to satisfy the common concerns of the Board, as well as your Association’s needs. Most management companies perform similar functions, but what sets MC Property Management Corporation apart from the rest, is the quality of service you will receive. Listed below are just some of the services we provide:

Customer Service – Calls are answered promptly and efficiently. Whenever necessary, work orders are placed immediately.

Answering Service – Calls are answered by the office staff during regular business hours (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday to Friday). Voice mail handles calls when all lines are busy. In an emergency, a live operator is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist our clients by paging the appropriate personnel (property manager).

Site Inspections – Performed on a regular basis to ensure that the grounds are being maintained, and to document those areas requiring attention.

Board Meetings – All board meetings are attended by the property manager.

Billing Statements – Mailed monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, or on a yearly basis to homeowners or renters.

Accounts Payable – Payment to vendors is processed on a bi-weekly basis. All invoices are reviewed by management and verified before they are delivered to the board treasurer, or selected board member for review, approval and signature. We recommend direct debit for all utility bills for immediate payment, eliminating the chance for any late fees.

Assessments – Processed daily. Monthly assessments are deposited in a timely manner, and delinquent accounts are closely monitored. Lockbox and direct debit services are available through our banking partners, at no charge to our clients. This service ensures immediate deposits of assessment payments into the association’s account.

Financial Statements – Produced monthly, including a balance sheet, income statement, budget comparison, check register and expense distribution report. We can produce additional reports, depending on your association’s needs.

Management Report Package – Prepared and delivered to each board member prior to the association’s meeting, inclusive of an agenda, management report, financial reports, proposals, informative articles, correspondence, delinquency reports and violations.

Budget Preparation – Performed annually.

Contract Negotiations – Handled for all maintenance and service projects and any renewal contracts.

Newsletter/Bulletins – Upon request and prepared for a nominal fee.

Welcome Packet – Upon request and prepared for a nominal fee.

Additional services provided by MC Property Management Corporation:

    • Associations are allowed to choose their own banking institutions.
    • All contractors are financially independent of MC Property Management Corporation.
    • Our property management, computer and accounting personnel have over twenty-five years experience in the property management industry.
    • We work with you to safely invest your reserve money in high-interest certificates of deposit, while ensuring funds are federal insured (FDIC).
    • We will provide direction to the Board of Directors for adequate insurance coverage and scheduling of routine maintenance and any other matters pertaining to the welfare and upkeep of the association.
    • Our staff is versed in the interpretation of the Declarations, By-laws and Rules and Regulations, and the Illinois Condominium Property Act.
    • We offer a Tenant Administrative Program (TAP) which allows us to monitor leased units on the property. The program includes specific forms to be completed by the unit owner, which provides the Association information on the individuals residing in the unit, a copy of a current lease, etc.
    • We have the capability of preparing and delivering any newsletters or other pertinent information to the homeowners / renters.
    • We offer customized websites for your association, which allow homeowners / renters to submit work orders, violations, and insurance forms electronically. Additionally, homeowners can download the association’s Rules and Regulations, and Declaration and By-Laws.

We are currently managing properties from 8 to 500 units. This broad experience of associations which gives us the capability to meet the needs of your association, regardless of the size.

Whether your association is large or small, new or old, the services involved in managing it are basically identical. Although there may be a difference in the amount of work orders issued and the quantity of calls received by the management office from homeowners, most of the other services outlined above remain the same.

We are confident that once you select MC Property Management Corporation to manage your association, you will see that our services will more than satisfy your needs and expectations. Please afford us the opportunity to succeed for you!