Full-Service Management for Condominiums, Townhomes, and Single-Family Home Associations


Customer Service – Calls are answered promptly and efficiently. Whenever necessary, work orders are placed immediately.

Answering Service – Calls are answered by the office staff during regular business hours. Voice mail handles calls when all lines are busy. In an emergency, a live operator is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist our clients by contacting the appropriate personnel (property manager).

Site Inspections – Performed on a regular basis (additional charges may apply) to ensure that the grounds are being maintained and to document those areas requiring attention.

Board Meetings – All board meetings are attended by the property manager.

Newsletter/Bulletins – Upon request and prepared for a nominal fee.

Welcome Packet – Upon request and prepared for a nominal fee


Accounts Payable – Payment to vendors is processed on a bi-weekly basis. All invoices are reviewed by management and verified before they are sent to the Treasurer or selected board member for review and approval if necessary. We recommend direct debit for all utility bills and monthly recurring bills for immediate payment, eliminating the chance for any late fees.

Assessments – Processed daily. Monthly assessments are deposited in a timely manner, and delinquent accounts are closely monitored. Lockbox and direct debit services are available through our banking partner at no charge to our clients. This service ensures immediate deposits of assessment payments into the association’s account.


Financial Statements – Produced monthly and include a balance sheet, budget comparison, A/P expense register, general ledger and a delinquency report. We can produce additional reports, depending on your association’s needs (additional charges may apply).

Billing Statements – Mailed monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, or on an annual basis to homeowners.



Board Packets and Management Report –  Prepared and delivered by email to each board member prior to the association’s meeting; inclusive with an agenda, management report, financial reports, proposals, informative articles, correspondence, work order reports, delinquency reports, and violations/compliance.


Budget Preparation – Performed annually.

Contract Negotiations – Handled for all maintenance and service projects and any renewal contracts.


We are currently managing properties that range in size from 15 to 1100 units complete with Condominium, Townhomes and Single Family HOA’s. So, we are familiar with the various sizes of associations which gives us the capability to meet the needs of your association, regardless of the size.

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“I want to thank MC for doing such a wonderful job communicating to La Toscana….Since you have taken responsibility for our homeowners association the line of communications has improved 110%! THANK YOU!!!”

--Homeowner, La Toscana Town-home Association

“Thank you [Michaelene] for assigning William as our Property Manager. He has been doing a great job. He has been pro-active and focused and follows through with everything. That sure makes the board’s job a lot easier. He’s a gem.”

--Board member, Stanhope Square II Condo Association

“We greatly appreciate the quick response of management to resolve this issue and its definitely a breath of fresh air to know that you have the owners best interest in mind…”

--Homeowners, Woodridge Country Club #9 Condo Assn

“Thanks for all of your help- you guys do a good job. Probably never get to hear that very often…”

--Homeowner, Farmingdale #1 Condominium Assn

“Hi William – Thank you for all of your help, good humor and patience.”

--Board Member, Butterfield Manor Condo Association