Certificate of insurance program

Where to Send Certificates of Insurance

Certificates can ONLY be sent via facsimile or email to the following places. PLEASE NOTE THESE CONTACTS HAVE RECENTLY CHANGED, SO UPDATE YOUR RECORDS ACCORDINGLY. Please make sure to include in the subject the name of your property and address to ensure proper processing. We ask that you allow for 24-48 hours processing once your certificate is received. If you have any questions, please contact our main office at 630-985-2500. If you are calling during non-business hours, please leave a message at voicemail box 6611.

Email: insurance@mcpmc.com
Fax: (888) 958-7890


Effective June 1, 2002, the Illinois Condominium Property Act was amended to stipulate unit owners must carry insurance covering his or her personal property and include third party liability protection. Further, it is advised that the Association be listed as Additional Party of Interest or Certificate Holder to insure the Association of proper notice if the unit owner’s policy were to go out of force. There should be no additional charge in premium for the unit owners to add the Association as Additional Party of Interest or Certificate Holder. Each Association Board can elect to adopt this amendment as part of its Rules & Regulations. If a Board so chooses, MCPMC offers a program to track and monitor.


MCPMC offers a service to its clients to monitor and track that all homeowners have proper insurance per the requirements set by the Board. An initial letter is sent out to all homeowners in the Association listing the requirements approved by the Board and due date. If the certificate, meeting all the requirements, is not received by the due date, a courtesy letter is sent to the homeowner notifying him/her of the deficiencies. Each year, at renewal, the homeowner is required to send a new certificate of insurance. As noted above, by naming the Association as Additional Party of Interest or Certificate Holder, a renewal certificate should automatically be sent to our office. If the new certificate is not received in time, another courtesy letter will be sent out. This program is designed to ensure the protection of all homeowners in the community against damage covered by insurance. As such, it is imperative all homeowners comply. Accordingly, if the above requirements are not met after the courtesy letter, the Board reserves the right to levy a penalty against the homeowner per the Rules & Regulations.

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