The automated processing of payments prevents recipient from inspecting or looking for restrictive legends, restrictive endorsements or other special instructions included with your payment. For this reason, we are not required to honor any restrictive legend or endorsement or other special instruction unless we have separately agreed in writing to the restriction or instruction. Unless we have separately agreed in writing, we are not responsible for any losses, claims, damages, or expenses that result from your inclusion of these restrictions or instructions.

Online Payment for Assessment

Homeowners can pay assessments online via e-payment or credit card. There is an option to schedule payments on a recurring monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Additionally, homeowners can set up a personal profile, which allows the ability to manage payment and property information, and access transactions for up to 13 months. Our management company ID is 6060. Your 2 or 3 digit association ID and 5-digit account number are located on your assessment statement. If your account is in collections with the attorney’s office, you will not be able to pay online.

ACH Debit for assessment

If you are a homeowner and want to sign up for ACH to have your assessment automatically debited from your bank account between the 1st and 5th of the month, go to the Forms page by clicking below. Fill out the form and send to the management office. If your association has a website hosted by our company, we recommend signing up for ACH through the site for easier and quicker processing.

Where to Mail Assessment if Paying via Check

Assessment payments for all associations should be mailed to:

c/o MC Property Management Corp.
P.O. Box 63965
Phoenix, AZ

How to Sign Up for E-Billing Assessment Statements

Homeowners can sign-up to receive monthly assessment statements in an environmentally friendly format click below to start receiving assessment statements electronically. In order to sign-up, you will need the Account ID from your assessment statement.


If at any time you wish to OPT-OUT and cancel receiving your statement electronically you can visit the following website login in and choose OPT-OUT 

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“I want to thank MC for doing such a wonderful job communicating to La Toscana….Since you have taken responsibility for our homeowners association the line of communications has improved 110%! THANK YOU!!!”

--Homeowner, La Toscana Town-home Association

“Thank you [Michaelene] for assigning William as our Property Manager. He has been doing a great job. He has been pro-active and focused and follows through with everything. That sure makes the board’s job a lot easier. He’s a gem.”

--Board member, Stanhope Square II Condo Association

“We greatly appreciate the quick response of management to resolve this issue and its definitely a breath of fresh air to know that you have the owners best interest in mind…”

--Homeowners, Woodridge Country Club #9 Condo Assn

“Thanks for all of your help- you guys do a good job. Probably never get to hear that very often…”

--Homeowner, Farmingdale #1 Condominium Assn

“Hi William – Thank you for all of your help, good humor and patience.”

--Board Member, Butterfield Manor Condo Association