• “Dear Michelle, I would like to thank you for your helpfulness to our condo association during your two years as our property manager. You have introduced us to a new level of professional- ism in many ways…your management packets, delivered to our door several days in advance of our board meetings. The financial report, manager’s report, more expansive and clear financial statements, and copies of correspondence, proposals, and other related data on numbered pages were also helpful in communicating relevant information before, during, and after our meetings. You have introduced us to several important issues that had eluded our awareness in the past…Your budget preparation was especially valuable…Thanks again for your quality management and long hours of work for us. Your performance has introduced us to a higher quality of property management…you have enhanced our level of expectations for prop- erty management.”

    Board Member, Former Association
  • “Over the weekend the downstairs toilet in my town-home backed up and flooded my kitchen and dining room/living room area. Unfortunately we were gone during the day and did not find this out until we got home Sunday night. We quickly called it in to the answering service. Not long after- ward I received a call from Michelle. She and Monika were on the ball and quickly arranged for a plumber to come out and get it fixed. They also arranged for a cleaning service to come and clean and sanitize the floors and carpet. All this was done quickly, even though it was a holiday weekend.
    I just wanted to express my gratitude for the great service. Coming home to find raw sewage in one’s house is, needless to say, unpleasant. And considering we live with pets it was very import- ant that it got cleaned up right away. Thanks to Michelle and Monika exactly that happened. Once again, thank you very much for everything.”

    Homeowner, Woodridge Country Club #6 Condo Assn
  • “Dear Mr.[William] Whitney, I am pleased to acknowledge your prompt and excellent work responding to my request on the missing parking sign and the broken fence…I also noticed that you not only completed my repair request in a timely fashion but improved [it] further…It’s truly beyond my original request…It’s a great feeling that MC Property Management Company is doing an outstanding service to customers with such a dedicated staff.”

    Homeowner, Bella Oaks Condominium Assn
  • “Michaelene – I just want to thank you for your sincere advice…in cooperating with Julie and I in resolving the matter with the unpaid assessments. [We] admired your friendly personality in helping resolve this matter as soon as possible. Please thank your assistant as well for helping us with the parking passes & pool passes.”

    Homeowner, Woodridge Country Club #3 Condo Assn
  • “Hi William – Thank you for all of your help, good humor and patience.”

    Board Member, Butterfield Manor Condo Association
  • “Thanks for all of your help- you guys do a good job. Probably never get to hear that very often…”

    Homeowner, Farmingdale #1 Condominium Assn
  • “..We, as homeowners, just wanted to send your office a letter of thanks for acting and resolving our scavenger issue here on the thirs floor…we greatly appreciate the quick response of management to resolve this issue and its definitely a breath of fresh air to know that you have the owners best interest in mind…”

    Homeowners, Woodridge Country Club #9 Condo Assn
  • “Thank you [Michaelene] for assigning William as our Property Manager. He has been doing a great job. He has been pro-active and focused and follows through with everything. That sure makes the board’s job a lot easier. He’s a gem.”

    Board member, Stanhope Square II Condo Association
  • “I want to thank MC for doing such a wonderful job communicating to La Toscana….Since you have taken responsibility for our homeowners association the line of communications has improved 110%! THANK YOU!!!”

    Homeowner, La Toscana Town-home Association